How did I do it?

Wow.. It’s been awhile since I have posted anything but you know what? It is a-okay because sometimes as humans we get lazy, preoccupied, and side tracked. I apologize for my absence! Let’s get back into it, shall we?

So if you do not know me personally, you might have wondered since I started this blog what I did to lose weight. Well today’s post will tell you all about it! First, I want to tell you a little about where I was (fitness wise) before I started getting down with some heavy weights. Last summer I had been at my heaviest weight since….. I don’t even know when but let me tell you I was a heavyyyyy girl. I was going to the gym doing cardio and weights about 3-5 times a week. So my gym routine was still pretty solid but my diet was terrible. When I think about how my diet was back then, it blows my mind. If you know me, then you know how much I can eat. I was eating “clean” during the week, and then eating whatever I wanted over the weekend. I was a whopping 158lbs. I am not saying that I was fat, but for someone who is 5’3 that was personally a lot of extra weight for me to hold (also it was mostly fat, not muscle). I was working hard to lose weight but I felt like everything I was doing wasn’t working. I believed that I had to eat every 3-4 hours to keep my metabolism going (total BS), so I was actually gaining weight instead of losing it.

August 5, 2016

In August 2016 my boyfriend, Joshua, found Intermittent Fasting and I was totally against it. I will link a popular article for you guys to read about what it actually is, but in short intermittent fasting means fasting for a certain period of time to promote rapid weight loss. It gets super technical with terms, so I would rather prefer you read about it because I will probably confuse a lot of people. Anyways, he started fasting first and the fat/weight dropped SO FAST. I mean it also helps that he’s a male, and males can lose weight at a rapid rate. This dude lost weight extremely fast and I could not believe it. No joke, he looked like a walking anatomy chart (he still does). I was so against it because I truly believed that eating every 2 hours kept my metabolism up, but I was misinformed by BS. I decided to give it a try. I started by fasting for 24 hours once a week, and cutting my calories in half. Within 2 weeks a felt and saw a difference. I became a believer of intermittent fasting. Even though I was losing weight, I was not happy with the way I looked (I felt too skinny). I was eating like crap still, and my workouts were average. With the help and guidance from Josh, I found a new goal. I was able to create a meal plan for myself and started lifting weights like crazy.

April 5, 2017

My meal plan goes a little like this: 50% protein, 20% carbs and 20% fat, and my calorie intake is 1,500 a day. I do not fast for 24 hours that often anymore but I do only eat 2 meals a day plus a snack after dinner. For example, I will eat breakfast at 7am, dinner at 7pm, and a snack before I go to bed. You probably think that I am insane for doing this, but it works for me. You probably also think that I am starving myself, but I am in no way starving myself at all. I no longer eat because I am bored; I know when I am truly hungry; and I feel full of energy. To be honest, I don’t know how I ever ate so much before I started this type of dieting. I now know how much my body truly needs.

Now, fasting is not for everyone, nor is it necessary for weight loss. This was something that worked for me and has worked for many others out there in the world. I am in no way encouraging anyone to do this type of dieting, but if you are interested to learn more please feel free to contact me. So, as of today my current weight is roughly 128lbs. I do not know what my body fat percentage is and I honestly could care less. I try to focus on what I see in the mirror and not on the numbers. As for supplements, I do take them. I currently take a supplement called DHEA to promote lean muscle growth and natural fat loss. With the consumption of supplements I always remember that I still need to work hard for what I want to achieve. I do not let a supplement do the work for me. Hard work and consistency will get you the results. Side note* I am not going into my workout plan in this specific post because it was 90% dieting that helped me achieve these results. If you want to see my workouts, follow me on Snapchat @a_lyssa29! I usually post tidbits of my workouts there.

FullSizeRender (2)
August 1, 2017

I am not a body builder; I am not into crossfit; I am not a professional weight lifter. I simply found a lifestyle that I love and there’s not much else to it. As always, thank you for reading!

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