Cardio vs Weights (the way I see it)

What’s up guys. So, today’s post might be totally common sense for some, but for others not so much. The title explains it all, but just for the sake of trying to make my posts a bit longer I am going to tell you once more what today’s topic is about. DRUM ROLL… cardio vs weight training! Often times this is the number one reason why people are not seeing the results they want in the amount of time they want. Does that make sense? To get straight to the point before I start babbling on and on, at the end of the day cardio alone will not help you lose weight. Now this is where I get stereotypical and what not, but I am mostly speaking to my female counterparts out there! LADIES! Do not be afraid of lifting those heavy weights. Why? Well let’s get right down to the nitty gritty.

I used to believe that I needed to run for an hour in order to lose weight, and although cardio did help a little it did not help nearly as much as weight lifting. The reason for this is simple. Lifting weights combined with the correct diet helps build lean muscle. Now here is another simple concept. The more muscle you have means the more fat you burn, and the more fat you burn means the higher your metabolism. These concepts are extremely important to understand if you are trying to lose weight quick. So, ladies (and fellas) I will repeat this phrase a thousand times if I necessary, LIFT THOSE WEIGHTS. Do not be afraid to go heavy either. In my opinion, if I am not incorporating weights into my workout (heavier than 10lbs), then I am not doing anything, but that’s just me. I found that lifting heavy helped me burn fat and lose weight faster. To sum it up, the more muscle you have, then the higher your metabolism.

To go a little off topic, a lot of people think that you need carbs to build muscle. That’s false. While it helps you look bigger, that’s all it’s really doing. Muscle does not need carbs to grow. Muscle needs protein to grow. I found this to be true for myself personally, so don’t quote me to a pro body builder (lol). I found that while I was lifting heavy and eating tons of carbs, I gained fat on top of muscle, which made me look “bigger.” Hence this is why people call it “bulking.” Often times people will have a bulking period, and then a cutting period. In my personal opinion, I would rather save myself some time and build muscle while still “cutting” or aiming to lose fat all at the same time. So, I am not saying to stay away from carbs and not eat them, I am saying that you don’t need to load up on carbs to build lean muscle. Okay, back to the real topic.

Now let’s talk about cardio. Cardio is short for “cardiovascular,” which is related to the heart and blood vessels. Therefore, cardio is mostly great for heart health. But I see this all the time! People will be on that treadmill/bike/elliptical (or whatever cardio machine) for their entire workout, and that my friends will not help you lose weight. Cardio is necessary in order to keep your heart pumping blood, not for building muscle. I am not in any way saying to not do cardio. I do cardio 3 times a week and that’s all I need. I am simply saying that running for an hour without incorporating any weight training will not significantly help with weight loss. In my opinion, lifting weights is way more fun than running!

To sum everything up, cardio alone will not help you lose a significant amount of weight. Cardio combined with weight training will be more beneficial to weight/fat loss than anything else. At the end of the day, it’s all about your goals that will determine your workout regime. What really matters more than anything is your diet, which I will talk more about next time! As always, thank you for reading!

*If you would like to read a more detailed article on this topic click here.

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