4th of July Workout!

Happy 4th of July! Today’s workout was a struggle but I roughed through it, and I pushed myself to the max! Yesterday was a rest day for me, and since today I don’t plan on eating super clean I wanted to make sure I got in an epic (fasted) workout. Keep reading if you want to know how my shoulder workout went!


It’s shoulder day! *sarcastic excited voice*

Here’s what I did:

Drop set: (3 rounds) – Dumbbell Shoulder Press – 30lbs x5 – 25lbs x5 – 20lbs x5 – 15lbs x5


Superset: (4 rounds) –  1. Cable Side Lateral Raises (8 each side)

2. Barbell Shoulder Press (5 HEAVY)

*superset means completing both exercises as one set.


Single Sets: (4 rounds each) – 1. Cable Rear Delt Flys

2. Standing Barbell Press Behind Neck


Tips: To help keep my shoulders healthy and strong, I like to take a 5lb plate and do external rotations between each set (or after each completed exercise). This helps with your rotator cuff.


Cardio: For cardio, today I did a Spartan Workout and sprints to finish

5 Jump Squats

10 Split Squats

15 Push-ups

20 Lunges

25 Squats

30 Burpees

35 Jumping Jacks   *no breaks in between & repeat 2-5 times

AND to finish I did sprints for 12 min: warm up with a light jog for 5 min then…

30 sec on 30 sec off sprints @ 11-12mph

I hope everyone enjoys their day with family and friends! As always, thank you for reading.

Copy of Honest Fitness


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