Motivation Shmotivation

So you need some motivation? Me too. Every single day I have to find the motivation to make my goals happen. Every single day I have to ask myself, “why am I even doing this?” And every single day I have a new answer for myself. 

I would be lying if I said that finding motivation is an easy task. I am probably the last person to be talking about motivation but here I am… talking about it. Writing about it? To be honest, I had to find the motivation to write this blog! Anyways, so what about this motivation nonsense? If I can tell you anything important in this entire post, it’s that anything can be motivation. As long as you get it done right? Some days my motivation is that cheat meal that’s waiting for me at the end of my day. Your motivation can change everyday and that’s okay!

People ask me all the time how I have so much motivation to go to the gym almost everyday, and I am always at a loss for words. There are about 10 different reasons that give me motivation to stick with my workout/diet plan. No joke. If I had to choose one main reason for my motivation, it would be the fear of going back to my old self. Physically that is, and a somewhat mentally. I am so scared to fall back into my old habits! One of the most scary and stressful parts about of going back to my old weight is having to buy new clothes AGAIN. I am not joking when I say that I have had to buy all new clothes TWICE in the past year, and if you know me then you know it kills me to spend so my money frivolously, or even for good cause. Literally, I die every time I swipe that card.

Motivation can be as simple or complicated, and if it were me I would always choose the simple route. I find myself the least motivated when I am trying too hard to look for it. I get frustrated and pissed off when I am searching for it longer than I need to search. Keep it simple. How do you make motivation simple? Look at everyday as its own special day. Look at your surroundings, your family, your emotions, your dinner plans. Literally anything and everything can be turned into motivation. Today, my motivation to workout was to get rid of my anger. I was having a really crappy day and I didn’t want to workout, but I wanted to feel better so I let that motivate me to get it done. See? SIMPLE.

Do I even need motivation to workout or eat healthy? Technically, no you do not need motivation to do anything, but in actuality there is a little motivation behind everything we do. Sometimes, I don’t even think about motivation when I go to the gym, or choose that healthy meal. Some things just become a habit or routine, but even that is motivation! Wanting to maintain good habits is motivation.

How do I find motivation? Aside from all of my ways to find motivation, I would to start by writing down a list of reasons of why you want to get into shape. The list can have 1 reason or 20 reasons. Just make a list. Next, think about your overall goal(s) that you want to accomplish. Finally, remember every single day what your reasons are to become a better you. People tell me all the time “why are you so strict, just live your life.” And all I have to say is “GOALS.” I have goals that I am trying to reach every single day, and I am so happy when I reach them. I am motivated because my life just gets better and better with each goal reached, and I cannot wait to see how far I can go.

As always, thank you for reading 🙂

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