My welcome note, how I started my fitness journey, and the reason for “Honest Fitness”


If you are reading this, thank you for taking your time to support my blog. I am thrilled  to have started this new journey. Not only am I excited about HF, but I am also terrified beyond belief. You guys have no idea how difficult this was for me to put my emotions aside and start a blog! I know that might sound ridiculous, but this was a big step for me personally. Truthfully, I really did not want to be like every other fitness person out there that says “Look at me! I’m fit and I workout!”  I had to put those fears of being hated aside in order to pursue a passion, and I am glad I took that leap of faith. I want all of my readers to know that they are also on this new journey with me, so do not hesitate to give me feedback or topic suggestions. Let’s do this together. Welcome to Honest Fitness, the place where you will read nothing but the truth.

How I started my fitness journey

Some of you may be thinking that I just recently started working out and getting into good shape. Truth be told, I have been working out (in a gym) since I was in 8th grade and I had a pretty legit reason. I was about 30lbs overweight and I had a difficult time keeping up on the basketball court. You heard right, this girl right here played basketball back in the day. This is how the story began… When I entered 8th grade I was about 154lbs and miserable. I absolutely hated myself. What made matters worse was that all of my friends were these tiny little things who rocked all the cute clothes. Me? I wore the same jeans and sweatshirt most of the time. I was so uncomfortable wearing anything else. I do not have any pictures to show you what I looked like during that time. I am pretty sure I burned them all. As the school year went by it was time for sports to begin. I honestly do not remember what possessed me to try out for basketball, but I did it. A few of my friends also tried out with me. Since it was elementary school, of course everyone made the team whether you were good or not. I made the team! Shocker! Once practices started I realized that I was the only  one on the team who couldn’t keep up. I was constantly having to stop. I even remember how during a game I would sometimes fake an injury that way I could sit out, but in reality I was just tired from running back and forth on the court. Even though I was so tired and unable to keep up, I loved how athletic I became. All of a sudden I was motivated to be this super cool basketball girl. So after that I went from eating two hot pockets with two Pepsi’s everyday after school, to eating a healthy sandwich with water. I also started going to the gym at nights with my sister, Angelica, who taught me a lot of what I know about fitness. Thank you Angelica and Saul for letting me 3rd wheel on your gym dates! So by the time basketball was over I lost a little weight. I was still determined and motivated to lose more weight that I managed to cut out all soda from my diet. Cutting out soda was like taking a magic wand and trimming away the pounds. I have not had a soda since. Okay, I’m lying! I’ve had soda and actually finished it MAYBE 5 times. By the time my 8th grade graduation came around I was down nearly 30lbs. I stopped wearing jeans and sweatshirts, and I started wearing cute t-shirts with cute jeans. I felt damn good! At one point I was stealing my sisters clothes because she wore all the cute stuff. Sorry Marisa! She hated me for that. Side story time. I would sneakily take a shirt from her room at night and in the morning wait till she left for school to put it on. Then when before I would get off the bus to go home, I would throw on a sweater so she wouldn’t see me wearing her shirt. Hilarious! Back to the point! Ever since then, I never stopped going to the gym. So here we are 9 years later and I am still going strong. It is kinda crazy to think that I have been working out this long, but I made it my life and I have no regrets.

The reason for Honest Fitness

I started my Honest Fitness blog because I wanted to share with everyone my passion in life, and I wanted it to be on a more personal basis. I could have easily started an Instagram for my workouts and such, but I didn’t want it to be basic videos and pictures of me at the gym. I want to share my experiences with fitness. My greatest accomplishments and my greatest defeats. As someone who has been involved with fitness for 9 years, I really wanted to show how my journey has been thus far. Over the years, I have grown tremendously in the gym. What I know now about fitness and nutrition is entirely different than what I knew and believed back then. I have experienced so much over the years, and I hope that by sharing my knowledge I can encourage people. Even if it’s just one person, I will be happy. Since I have an honesty policy, I will also say that I started HF to promote my name and my passion. One day I would like to open my own gym, and I figured that starting a blog would be a great place to start. I chose the name “Honest Fitness” because I believe in sharing the good, the bad, the ugly, and the hard cold truth.

I hope you made it all the way through my first ever post and enjoyed it! As always, thank you for reading!Copy of Honest Fitness


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